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We All #SpeakWWE

Goal: WWE fans aren’t always proud of their passion. They hide it from public view. We wanted to create a campaign to celebrate WWE fandom — shining a light on the fans themselves — the videos they create, the moments they capture, the bond that’s shared from celebrities to everyday members of the “WWE Universe.” If done right, this modular campaign could span social media and fuel future TV/pre-roll/digital spots.

  1. Should inspire user-generated content from WWE fans to be used for social/traditional/digital advertising efforts.

  2. Showcase WWE’s global footprint and multicultural fanbase in a true-to-life way .

  3. Must be cost-effective (read: limited to existing archive footage and what we could shoot on our own).
ForSocial campaign, video, user generated content

After sourcing footage at live events, in the archive, and online, this introductory video kicked off the official campaign on social and in-arena.