Hire Mike Rice, — World-famous Copywriter. Sort of.

Joy to the WWE Universe

Goal: Spread cheer with a seasonal message shared to WWE’s brand partners and (with a little holiday luck) beyond.

  1. Incorporate as many WWE Superstars as possible and be inclusive of the entire WWE Universe (read: all WWE fans).

  2. Concept should stand out from traditional “holiday card” emails and gain social traction.

  3. Any holiday characters, stories, or music referenced must be available in the public domain, per budget constraints.
ForVideo, viral/social

Video quickly reached over a million views across Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

Then it was spotted in Madison Square Garden

Bonus: Background vocals included at no extra charge (that’s me).

So yes, they played a recording with me singing in Madison Square Garden — which is why I tell people at Karaoke Night I once played Madison Square Garden.