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FanDuel Friends Mode

Goal: As part of FanDuel’s new mission to build more products for everyday sports fans, we wanted to give people a new take on season-long fantasy leagues — introducing FanDuel Friends Mode. It’s all the competition, camaraderie, and friend-on-friend crime you’d expect from your regular league, built on top of the flexibility and simplicity that only FanDuel can offer.

(And it worked, driving 230,000+ signups.)

  1. De-emphasize the money winnings to appeal to both more casual fans and regulators.

  2. Should live within the new FanDuel brand.

  3. Little-to-no budget (thanks to lobbyists and legal fees — that’s me doing the VO after the discount VO guy sounded “way too Canadian").*

*No offense, Canada. FanDuel’s just not legal there.

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Facebook post for launch

Facebook cover for launch

Launch offer language

A tweet that Dwayne Wade (and not I) definitely, totally wrote — NBA season

Explainer video

Product landing page for launch

Friends Mode recurring invite email template (with variables)

Friends mode email invite, in season (with variables)

In-product sign up, step 1

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League creation success message

In-product activity feed

In-product activity feed

In-product activity feed

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