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Playboy Baseball Championship

Goal: Reposition FanDuel’s Playboy Baseball Championship as once-in-a-lifetime experience vs. a big money event with nice scenery.

  1. At-event branding needs to be photo-worthy to capitalize on #instafamous attendees with large social followings.

  2. Use FOMO and envy to spread the word (better yet, gratitude, if you’re a plus-one).

  3. Lean on Playboy’s brand equity with FanDuel as a means to get there.

ForLive events, event marketing

Pre-event, Facebook ad, <20%, posted alongside plus-one messaging

Pre-event, Twitter image

Pre-event, in-product banner, for FanDuel current players

Pre-event, first of email series, for FanDuel current players

Landing page, see full responsive page here:

At-event, bars

At-event, beer pong tables

At-event, lawn tables with couches

At-event, step & repeat

Merch, event t-shirt

Humblebrag (that’s me)