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Ask for Kasasa

Goal: Address the #1 challenge that’s plagued Kasasa over the life of the brand: “What the [expletive] is it?” — while allowing for messaging that ranges from product-specific to high-level branding.

  1. Campaign should emphasize the product/provider relationship between Kasasa and the banks & credit unions that offer Kasasa accounts (Freedom Institution is a placeholder logo).

  2. Needs to message various reward options, community banking & general branding ads within the same campaign.

  3. Executions should be scalable enough to accommodate 200+ banks/credit unions, as well as provide variations for banks/credit unions in rural, urban and town & country demographic areas.

ForPrint campaign, tagline, branding

Print ad, refunds on ATM fees focus

Print ad, automatic savings reward focus

Print ad, cash back reward focus

Print ad, interest reward focus, metro version

Print ad, interest reward focus, rural version

Print ad, community banking focus

Print ad, refunds on purchases reward focus

Print ad, ease of earning rewards focus

Print ad, Kasasa 360 app