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Clever Landing Page Template

Goal: While Clever’s blog brings in a lot of organic traffic, these aren’t always high-intent visitors. We needed a way to convert more of these readers into customers with hyper-targeted messaging. But as an early-stage startup, dev resources — and other time resources — were extremely limited. That’s where this landing page template (built in Unbounce) comes in.

  1. Must be customizable and editable to resonate with a range of low-, mid-, and high-intent audiences.

  2. Needs flexibility to explain new offers, promotions, and a wide range of Clever benefits in full detail.

  3. Can serve as testing ground for headlines, messaging variation, and landing page sections by audience
ForMessage testing, conversion rate optimization

Initial wireframe to sell in concept

General landing page for home sellers (placeholder between page launches)

Landing page for Clever "Concierge Team," positioning sales team as experts

Landing page for "average commission in [LOCATION]" researchers, positioning Clever as a better value.

Landing page for Flat-fee MLS comparison shoppers, positioning flat-fee realtors as a better overall value

Landing page for "Sell Fast" segment, positioning Clever as a faster alternative.

Landing page for cash buyer comparison shoppers, positioning Clever a smarter combination of speed and sale price